Giving Up Dummies and Thumbs

Finally your child will reach an appropriate age where it’s time to part with thumb or dummy. When is the right time and how to approach it?

Kidookid! has researched this question and here are the findings to giving up sucking.


Gently does it: - It may not happen over night. Forcing a child may result in the opposite effect.

Get your child involved: When is some comfort allowed ..nap times and after a little fall perhaps.

Talk to your child: Explain to him that talking is easier with an empty mouth, easier to make friends and to be understood.

Contact comfort: During the giving up period make sure you give a lot more cuddles and encouragement, stories at bedtime etc.

Dummies: When the dummy is showing signs of wear and tear get your child to throw it away himself. You may have to do this several times if the time is not right but finally the moment will come where it’s time to close the lid on the bin for good.

Thumbs: Children generally grow out of thumb-sucking between the ages of three and five, as they acquire a sense of what is socially acceptable. If not, there are various horrible-tasting ointments on the market that you paint on the sucked thumb to make the habit less palatable.


Say:"you are not a baby anymore, looks at the others..." This could damage their self esteem and of course isn’t true as there are plenty of big children with dummies and thumbs firmly in their mouths!

Remember: The need to suckle for comfort is a real need and giving it up may not be easy the tips to suit your child ..after all they should grow out of it.

Good Luck!