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Adventure Golf

  The last of the attractions to be tried in the Marineland complex, Antibes-Biot, is the mini golf course, Adventure Golf. I was quite excited for this visit as it was my first time ever playing mini golf! Situated right next to the road into the complex, you can see the course from outside, and this obviously means that everyone outside can see how well (or badly!) you play too!
The course has 18 holes, and you can choose your level of difficulty – there are actually 3 courses; blue is easy, green is medium and purple, difficult. As I was a complete beginner (and not very adept at sports, at that) we went for the blue course, paid our 11€ each, collected our wristbands, clubs, balls and score cards and off we headed. Unfortunately, I soon realized that the only course that passes by the main road is the beginners’ course!

We started off slowly so I could get the hang of it, but there was soon another group behind us waiting to take their go. It was just after 7pm and the place was really busy. There seemed to be a lot of people round and about but with 3 courses and 18 holes on each (some of which are ridiculously difficult!) we didn’t really encounter anybody else. Most of the holes were par 2, and needless to say we were all way over nearly ever time!

 The entire course took just over an hour to complete without any mishaps – I even safely got my ball over the river first time. A very enjoyable first experience overall, even if the boys were not impressed about having lost to a girl (clearly not me, but a girl nonetheless!)
Perhaps the price is a bit expensive considering you are there for just one hour but the atmosphere was very relaxed and the park was open to families and children of all ages, until 11pm so it was a great place to go with friends or with the children. And there is a course to suit all abilities.

I really would recommend a visit, its easily accessible by both bus and train, Marineland has a huge car park but if you don’t fancy paying there is plenty of space round about if you don’t mind searching a bit. And if you fancy making an evening out of it, Antibes Land is free to enter and is right across the road, so the fun doesn’t have to stop there!

For more information on opening times and tarifs, go to

Disclaimer: +Photos in this article are non-representative of the Adventure Golf park.


One of the most well-known attractions between Nice and Cannes, Marineland in Antibes is somewhere I have wanted to visit since first arriving in the area. It is difficult to describe as a concept, because despite being essentially a zoo for sea animals it’s definitely not an aquarium, but is more along the lines of a down-scaled version of Seaworld in Florida.

 I was unsure what to expect on arrival, but we quickly discovered that throughout the day the animals put on shows, both educational and entertaining, each in their own arenas. The first show we saw as we arrived was the sea lions (not to be confused with seals!) where not only did we see the sea lions jump and do tricks such as clapping, running and hugging their trainers, the entire show was presented as a learning experience. We were taught the difference between a seal and a sea lion (with demonstrations from the sea lions themselves, who had learnt to imitate seals!) as well as shown how sea lions are trained to perform, with love and care. The sea lions were very sweet and afterwards you could have your photo taken with them!
On our walk round we saw the penguins, which lived outside with a large pool to swim in and plenty of fish scattered on the bottom, seals and the dolphins, whose show was next on our list. The dolphin arena was much larger than the sea lion ring, and 15 minutes before the show the seats were already filled. We took our seats to the side and waited for the show to start. As you would expect, the dolphin show was much more charismatic and energetic than the sea lions right from the beginning, and was introduced by 2 entertainers who attempted to get the crowd dancing and singing along to the Marineland 40th Birthday celebration song.
 Dancers came on too to entertain us, including blue and pink dolphins, a killer whale and a polar bear! This was all very interesting but in the 10 minutes they were on stage we had yet to see a dolphin. When the dolphins eventually arrived they threw some balls around and jumped and dived, but the stage is very far from the seats on the other side of the pool so it was difficult to see any demonstrations they did. The dolphins tossed giant beach balls up into the crowd and splashed water on the children who had gone close to the barrier. It was a good show, but definitely needed to be seen before the killer whales!

The killer whales were our 3rd show of the day.
On our way round we saw the tanks containing fish and rays, the shark tunnel where you could walk beneath an arch through the middle of the shark tank, the giant turtles that hid themselves very well amongst the rocks and the museum which contained models of different boats spanning centuries, from Viking ships to a model of the Titanic.  There were plenty of treasures to look at as well as equipment used by sailors like telescopes and compasses. The children were in awe in the museum and we could barely drag them out of it!

After lunch it was time to see the Killer Whales show, which takes place in a stadium-sized arena. Despite the vast space, you must get there early to get a good seat. We arrived 10 minutes before the start of the show which meant we had to sit in the very front row, actually below the top of the huge tank. Nevertheless, the show was awesome, and definitely my highlight of the day. The show started with a collection of cheerleaders dancing around the outside of the tank, but this was already an improvement on the cheesy dancers that had come on before the dolphins. The killer whales jumped and dived and played with the trainers who stayed on dry land. The sides of the tank were clear and you were able to see the huge beasts playing with mirrors and nodding at their trainers. Despite their size and name, I found them really cute and docile – I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them though! The show finale is the most unexpected; the trainers invite everyone down to stand around the tank whilst the killer whales play around on the surface throwing themselves hard into the water in order to soak the unsuspecting people below!

 By this time there was only one more thing left for us to see, which I was also really excited about – the polar bears, the star attraction at Marineland this year. There were only 2 of them, but I was not prepared for how enormous they would be, one paw is nearly the size of my head, so you can only imagine the rest of them! The sad thing however is that obviously polar bears are used to the cold and ice of the North Pole, and definitely not the 30°C heat we were experiencing her on the South of France. Their enclosure was outside which shocked me so they spent the whole day cooling themselves in the pool, obviously making it not so easy to see them. At least the bedroom was cold though!
By then we had seen everything, and as we walked back towards the entrance we passed the bird enclosure – with eagle owls, ospreys, vultures, buzzards and falcons. There is also a birds of prey show during the day but we didn’t make it that far!

All in all it was a really good day, the shows were thoroughly enjoyable and there wasn’t too much walking or standing to do so it was great for the kids. However there were lots of people there so I would advise getting to shows at least 15 minutes before the show starts, and try and plan your day round the show you want to see. As always, there are park areas for the children to play on in between times but there are so many shows to keep them occupied I doubt they will have much time left!

At 36€ per adult and 28€ per child it is a little on the expensive side but well worth a visit in my opinion, even just to see the Killer Whales! For more information see the Marineland website at

Le Bois des Lutins

Looking for an enjoyable day out for all the family that’s affordable and fun?  Look no further!  Kidookid has been testing the local fun parks and this week was the turn of Le Bois des Lutins (The Elves’ Wood) in Villneueve-Loubet, Alpes-Maritimes.  The one and a half hectare forest is full of tree houses and climbing nets for you to reach them, which range in height and steepness so there is something for all ages – even us old ones attempted it!  How do you get back down you ask?  You take one of the numerous slides of course! 

We arrived early, at 10am, just as the park was opening, so queues were of course non-existent and we were able to enter and leave our things by a picnic table so we weren’t carrying around our backpacks all day – we needed our hands free to explore the pixies’ houses high in the trees!  The children were excited from the off and we could barely keep them from running straight up a tree in search of the little wood-dwellers!

The fun was endless throughout the day, with several different courses laid out across the sky so the children can climb from one treehouse to another with no danger of falling (the nets are fixed in ‘V’ shapes with a strict limit of only 3 persons on each net at any one time) and they can climb up and slide down until their hearts’ content, land safely back on the ground and climb straight back up to do it all over again!  Each tree offers a new adventure, so Mum and Dad you’d better have your climbing hat on if you want to follow your children as they search for their woodland friends.

But the fun doesn’t stop just at nets, slides and treehouses!  There is a bouncy castle labyrinth, an inflatable Magic Mushroom house, and an inflatable giant’s belly which you have to work your way to the top of – you’d best be stronger than me if you want to attempt that – I couldn’t do it!  There are tunnels that were once home to goblins beneath a deep, dark hill, a park area with swings and zip wires and an enclosure filled with giant inflatable rollers – you have to get inside with your friends and push yourself round – watch out for the others though!!!

And when you’ve had enough running around and climbing for the day, or just need a minute’s break while the kids run away with their unending energy, there are some age-old wooden games to attempt – connect 4 anyone?

Even small children will love the Bois des Lutins, we took a group of children with ages ranging from 3 years old up to 9 years old, as well as 4 adults – and we didn’t hear one complaint of boredom or ‘I don’t want to do it anymore!’  - even our tired 4 year olds who had no desire to sing perked right up again when we said they could go and play some more!

It really is a park for all ages, and everyone really enjoyed themselves, even though the park recommends a 3-hour stint we spent the whole day there (10h – 17h) and no one was ready to go home, except for a well-deserved nap.  And all this for only 12€ per person!!  Of course, if you go with all your family and friends, more than 5 people reduces the price to 10€ pp and under 4s are just 6€. 

I came back feeling like a child – dusty as anything and covered in scrapes, but content as could be…and I fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I can only imagine the children!

Check out the website for further details and maps of how to get there:

La Petite Ferme du Far West

 If you’re looking for a day out with your little ones, then La Petite Ferme du Far West is a good place to start. There are plenty of animals to pet and look at, as well as numerous rides to enjoy on a leisurely day round the far west surroundings, situated in the Marineland complex in Antibes.

A very educational visit for the children, and a break for you from all those fast-paced energetic activities you are usually chasing the children round on, a day out at La Petite Ferme is relaxing and enjoyable.
The goats were the first to welcome us into their enclosure where you could stand with them and pet them as long as you liked. There were also rabbits and guinea pigs nearby where we could learn what they ate.
Pony rides are a favourite for the day, but of course those who can’t reach the stirrups need to be accompanied by an adult, which would have led to a long day for us on the back of some poor pony, who wouldn’t have know what he had done wrong that day! Face painting, ice creams and a ride on the little train also attract little eyes!

There are many play areas dotted around the Farm, with different themes and ideas behind them, such as the Casafrica and the Funambulo – not for the clumsy they state! As well a few inflatable structures ideal for the little ones, although slightly too hot to spend too much time on in the Cote d’Azurian heat considering the thick plastic they are made of. ‘My feet hurt’ was a common complaint after a quick stint on the inflatables.

There is even a little Labyrinth for you to lose yourself in and explore, although, beware of the very small who may be unable to cross the obstacles within it unaided.

For the children, the best part of the day was the half an hour spent in the Playmobil area – a room filled with Playmobil creations and plenty of things to play with – just the thing to keep little hands occupied and all in an air-conditioned room, so Mum and Dad can relax on a chair while the children amuse themselves in the cool! For the older ones outside there is a mini assault climbing course, safely attached to a harness the children can try and manouevre the course a couple of metres above the ground.

To finish the day there was an entertaining show, adapted from the story of Hansel and Gretel and with a few more characters than I remember, but funny all the same.

All in all, an enjoyable day out for all the family with a range of things for all ages, but ideally a day out best aimed at younger children, and at just 8€ per child and 10€ per adult with a family ticket, there is little stopping you from a day out at La Petite Ferme!

For more details on the Petite Ferme and the other parks at the Marineland complex, go to

Le Labyrinthe d'Aventure

If you’re looking for a calmer activity to do with the children, or even just an unusual and challenging day out, then le Labyrinthe d’Aventure is just right for you! Situated in Villeneuve-Loubet, next to the Le Bois des Lutins and Pitchoun Forest, the Labyrinth is the ideal place to go for a change to the sea and sand that we are all so accustomed to on the Cote d’Azur.

The labyrinth is just what it appears, a huge maze spanning 4km of open space, but has been split into a series of 12 smaller mazes, each containing a number of games. There are 4 trails to follow, each tailored to a specific age group, I took a group of 4 year olds and therefore followed the easiest green route, the red route is for 7 and over, the purple for 15 and over and the black route for anyone who dare try! The games are then tailored by difficulty – for example the green route contains slides and searching games whereas the red route has balancing games and darkened trails. Although as we found out, it is not ideal for large groups, the Labyrinth works perfectly in small numbers, especially if everyone is about the same age or ability!
However, that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t family friendly! Each small maze is open so you are not obliged to completely follow one trail all the time. There is one game for each trail inside, but you are equally able to do all of them should you want to! The aim of each game is to find the secret password which you then have to type into a keypad to open the door to the next maze. An interesting concept but of course, this proved really difficult with such small children who can’t yet read or write!

  Nevertheless, they had fun playing the games! We spent the whole day there, and the children loved every minute of it. There is a place where you can get wet if you get too hot on the way round, giant jigsaw puzzles to be completed, a treasure hunt on the way round, and best of all, if you give them the map they love trying to find out where to go. The hardest part is remembering the word all the way to the gate!
This year the theme at the Labyrinth is ‘Indians’ so there are lots of Indian-based decorations as well as a giant wigwam with lots inside to see and learn about the life of an Indian tribe. The trails are named after 4 Indians, so you have the green Castor Baleze, red Ours Mal Léché, purple Crotale Enragé and black Bison Futé. The children loved the idea of being Indians around the Labyrinth and following a real Indian trail! With the help of the games and the signs, the children can learn all about Indians and how they live – from what they eat to what they wear to their favourite kind of transport! And don’t worry if you’re in the middle of the labyrinth and the children need the toilet or its time for lunch – there are emergency exits dotted throughout the maze so its easy to put the adventure on hold and come back to it when you are feeling refreshed and re-energised.
 But the Labyrinth is not the only thing to do there! Oh no! There is also a playground area with lots of hammocks (including a giant one for up to 6 people!) zip wires and swings and best of all, a water fight area. You can buy packs of 30 biodegradable water balloons from the ticket booths for 1€ and soak your friends till your heart’s content, obviously the children needed no encouragement and funnily enough, it was the adults that ended up wetter!  It proved to be a really good day out but make sure your little ones get enough sleep the night before and have plenty of energy because there’s plenty of walking to do – especially if you get lost in the Labyrinth, little voices saying ‘I’m tired’ was quite a common occurrence!  There are plenty of picnic benches for a lunch break and a little restaurant if you don’t want to carry your own, which is also accessible to the public without having to pay the entrance charge, and the staff is very friendly and always around to help should you need anything. Parking is free, Adults cost 10.50€, 4-12s are 8.50€ and under 4s go free, so there is no excuse not to go and spend a fun-filled day at the Labyrinthe d’Aventure! 

For more information and details of how to get there visit


The newest of the 4 parks in the Marineland complex, Aquasplash looks the most inviting on a hot day with the Cote d’Azurian sun beating down on you. Clearly, the one place you want to be is in the water park being thrown repeatedly into pools of cool clear water!

 And it satisfies exactly that need! Aquasplash, the local water park in Antibes/Biot claims 2000 metres of sliding fun every summer. There are numerous slides of different heights, speeds, and fear factors for you to try out and keep cool in the process, although queues can be long but in my experience did not take too long at all. Entrances to slides were a bit confusing when we first arrived, we started to follow the line of people and then realised they weren’t headed for the slide we wanted! There are even slides where you can go down with a friend – my favourite had 2 people sitting on a double ring and started off going really fast in a tunnel then emerged into a steep drop followed by a huge incline, and the more weight you have between you (up to a point, obviously) the faster and higher you go – my feet nearly touched the top of the wall!! 

There is a wave pool too where you can relax until the monster waves come, and during the day there are Aquagym sessions there and pool parties by NRJ – but the pool is not that big so if you want to be at either of these you’d better not dawdle in getting there on time! There is also a deep swimming pool round by the VIP area for adults to relax and enjoy while the kids run off and play as well as a children’s pool with a mini slide to keep them entertained later on.
  The biggest attraction is the Pirates’ Bay, a monster climbing apparatus with sprays and water shooting everywhere; slides, shoots and everything else you can imagine. But be careful, when the big head at the top gets full, over it tips and drenches everyone within reach! And, unfortunately, it’s out of bounds to those over 12 :(
The big attraction at Aquasplash this year is Shark River; a gentle ride round on a rubber ring as you pass beneath a tunnel of sharks – sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It was more than disappointing in real life, because although the ride round was nice, the ‘shark tunnel’ was only 3 metres long, with glass on only one side and 3 metre long sharks inside. Not quite what I had pictured considering the posters that are plastered everywhere! And what’s more, for an attraction that has only opened this year, the tank is already leaking- not the most comforting thought as you pass beneath Shark River!
 Prices are verging on the steep side again, at 25€ per adult and 20€ per child you’d want to spend the whole day there to get your money’s worth!
But all in all, a fun day out if you’re willing to brave the queues and make the most of the cool water on a hot day!

For more information or to find out how to get there go to

Disclaimer:  Photos in this article are non-representative of the Aquasplash park.

Voyager avec Vos Bambins

Que ce soit par avion, bateau, train ou en voiture c'est toute une aventure -Plan d'attaque, s.v.p.?

En quittant la maison, ayez "ABCPP" en tête : Argent, Billets (de voyages), Cartes (de route), Pharmacie, Passeports. - Quoi que vous oubliez d'autre, vous pourrez toujours le remplacer, pas les ABCPP..

Kidookid! a parcouru l'internet à la recherche des idées pour bien planifier vos vacances - il y a beaucoup des bonnes idées d'ailleurs et on vous invite de nous envoyer les vôtres!!

Les Essentiels:

* Passport, Visa & Vaccinations
* Préparez votre départ
* Kit Pharmacie
* Voyager: avion, train, voiture quleques conseils
* jeux sympas

Passport Visa & Vaccinations

* Vérifiez que tous vos passeports soient valides. Les enfants doivent avoir le leurs

Passport services

* Ambassade anglaise, pour ceux vivant en France - British Embassy N.B. All British passport applications made in France are processed at the British Consulate-General in Paris.
* Bureau britannique, si vous êtes en Angleterre- Passport Office UK
* Français - Service Public
* US Passports US Dept. of State's

Petite astuce KiDOOkiD! Faites une photocopie réduite du vôtre, à; plastifier et à; garder en secours, en cas de perte, ou mieux encore pour laisser votre passeport en sûreté à; l'hôtel, ou sous clef ailleurs. Pas besoin de vous balader avec, votre copie suffit généralement à; vous faire identifier.

*Avez-vous besoin d'un visa ? Vérifiez avec l'ambassade locale du pays où vous vous rendez sur Project Visa*

Vaccinations? Assurez-vous à; l'avance d'avoir fait tout vos rappels et ceux de vos enfants. Que tout ceci soit spécifié sur vos carnets de santé, que vous emportez. Pensez aux vaccins spécifiques à; certains pays. The net doctor peut vous conseiller qu'est-ce qu'on a besoin mais verifiez bien à l'avance avec votre propre medecin.
* Assurez-vous d'avoir votre carte européenne d'assurance médicale maladie (EHIC ) Carte Européenne d'assurance maladie (CEAM) minimum 15 jours avant votre départ, elle est valable un an.
* N'oubliez pas votre dossier d'assurance voyage (NB, l'asthme des enfants n'est pas toujours couvert,à; vérifier)

Petite astuce KiDOOkiD! Si vous avez accès au web quand vous êtes à; l'étranger, envoyez-vous ou envoyez à; un ami par email, un résumé de toutes les informations importantes vous concernant - la ligne aérienne, vos numéros de vols, idem pour le train ou autre, les numéros de téléphone de solvabilité bancaires, les numéros de vos passeports et permis de conduire. Données récupérables si vous perdez ou si l'on vous dérobait vos papiers..

Ne préparez pas votre départ à; la dernière minute.

* Chacun doit savoir de quoi il est responsable, pas de quiproquo.. .
* Prévoyez le kit "essentiel". Médicaments, pharmacie, brosses à; dents, dentifrice, shampooing pour enfants en bas âge, couverts de pique-nique.. C'est là; que vous mettrez votre nécessaire de dernière minute, ce dont vous avez besoin jusqu'au jour J.
* Une fois votre dernière lessive sèche et repassée, rangez à; part et soigneusement tous les vêtements que vous voulez emporter. Cela évitera qu'ils soient portés la veille du départ. Pourquoi ne pas directement les rouler dans vos valises (si vous n'êtes pas du genre à; tout redéfaire pour être sûre que vous avez bien pris votre petit dos-nu préféré..)
* N'oubliez pas les petits échantillons de produits de toilette pris dans quelques hôtels, ils peuvent s'avérer très utiles pour vos petites virées..
* Fermez vos valises et surtout pesez-les si vous prenez l'avion. La surprise est parfois de mauvaise augure lorsque l'on dépasse outrageusement le poids autorisé. Pensez à vos bagages cabines, souvent ils ne sont pas pesés, ils peuvent donc décharger vos valises et vous éviter des frais supplémentaires. On peut même penser aux petites valises à roulettes, qui passent très bien en baguage cabine (n'éxagérez pas sur le taille).
* Soyez impitoyable en préparant vos affaires, combien d'entre nous n'utilisent pas le tiers de ce qu'ils ont emporté? Une veste ou un manteau suffit pour parer au froid, un gros pull ou un gilet pour les destinations plus chaudes et leurs soirées..
* L'évident : chapeaux, lunettes de soleil, écran total..

CONSEILS de Kidookid! baroudeur :

* Bourrez toutes les chaussures avec les chaussettes et roulez vos vêtements.. En plus de prendre moins de place, ils seront moins froissés.
* Mettez tous les tubes et articles de toilette dans des plastiques, pas d'accident, ni de liquide pâteux déversé.. ni de pressing.
* Pensez à prendre un sac de voyage pliable sur lui-même, tels les K-Way.. pas plus gros qu'une enveloppe il peut vous être bien utile au retour.
* Ajoutez une ceinture portefeuille, votre argent et le reste seront en sûreté sous votre t-shirt, et vous aurez les mains libres.
* Les pinces à linges peuvent être bien pratiques quand il s'agit de maintenir un rideau bien fermé..
* Prenez un couteau suisse

Le sac de Bébé.(Kidookid! en cours de test)

* un tapis de change (bébé) de voyage
* un paquet de lingettes
* crème apaisante pour eritem fessier
* sacs à couche.
* couches (comptez environ 5 par 24 heures).
* prévoyez un change de vêtements.
* Un bavoir (essayez les jetables).
* Talc si nécessaire.
* Rations de nourriture.

KIT pharmacie :Verifiez à l'avance qu'est-ce que vous pouvez apporter dans la bagage à mains, en cas de doute, mettez-le dans la soute!

* Aspirine et doliprane, adultes enfants.
* Thermomètre Digitale. Les thermomètres à; poser sur le front ne sont pas si fiables selon les climats.. (Kidookid! a testé)
* Onguent et crème antiseptique.
* Solution de réhydration.
* Révulsif D'insectes.
* Pince à; épiler.
* Sparadrat, bande.
* Après Soleil.
* Coupe ongles ; les ongles se développent beaucoup plus rapidement dans un climat chaud, autant les couper pour éviter que l'on ne s'écorche sauvagement nos grosses piqûres de moustiques..
* Prévoyez des protections intimes, même hors périodes, surtout si vous faites un très long vol..( qui dérègle parfois l'horloge interne féminine).
* Et gardez vos pilules contraceptives sur vous, en cas de pertes de bagages, pas de problème..

Voyager par Avion

* En réservant, prenez des places à; l'avant, moins loin des toilettes, surtout pour des petites jambes prises au dépourvu.
* N'hésitez pas à; voyager de nuit, bien plus viable pour les enfants.
* Avant de partir, vérifiez vos heures d'enregistrement et aussi celles de votre retour.. Parfois des changements vous valent quelque attente que vous auriez pu éviter.
* Vérifiez avec votre ligne aérienne (à l'avance) au sujet des repas enfants, si vous les voulez spécifiques. Prévoyez des en-cas si nécessaire, et surtout les boissons, les suppléments peuvent vous revenir chers.
* Écrivez votre nom et adresse sur une feuille de papier et mettez-la dans votre bagage. Une sécurité si votre étiquette est arrachée ou décollée.
* Mettez tous les objets pointus (comme votre pince à épiler) dans votre bagage principal, sinon le douanier pourra vous les confisquer. Je me suis vue privée de la fourchette de mon enfant, elle était en métal!
* Vous pouvez penser à; faire des petites courses dès votre arrivée (si ce n'est pas dimanche), pour tout votre nécessaire toilette, mais aussi les articles de plage et autres.. A vous de gérer votre budget, mais c'est une solution moins encombrante.. Et on peu trouver des produits bon marché très sympa, en plus de faire une petite balade locale.
* Prévoyez l'éventuel retard de votre vol. Il ne s'agit pas de tout redéfaire pour attraper les couches au fond de la valise, ou de dépenser bêtement au snack de l'aéroport.
* Penser à la pression atmosphérique pendant le vol, qui peut causer des maux d'oreilles douloureux pour les petits. Une sucette ou un jouet en caoutchouc à sucer peut palier.
* Une tasse fermée .
* le coussin gonflable pour poser le cou. Choisissez-le bien, les qualités sont variables.
* Quelques surprises pour divertir les gosses : un nouveau jouet ou un livre? des stickers, ou des petites figurines d'animaux ou de personnages.. petites voitures ou poupées.
* Tous les contenants de liquide ou les spray, têtes vers le haut et dans un sac à fermeture à glissière, la pression atmosphérique peut les faire péter.
* L'avion peut être trop climatisé, pensez à un petit chandail..
* Si votre bagage à main n'est déjà pas trop lourd, mettez-y vos maillots et brassards roulés, vous pourrez ainsi aller vous baigner si d'aventure votre chambre n'était pas prête.
* Les enfants aiment se charger de leurs affaires, préparez leur un petit sac de voyage avec leurs jouets (mous de préférences, coloriages, feutres, livres. Ne les surchargez pas, vous risquez de toute façon de tout vous récolter au final.
* Enfin, si vous faites un très long vol, n'oubliez pas de renfiler toutes les chaussures, au risque d'avoir les pieds trop enflés pour vous chausser une fois atterris.

Louer une voiture.

* Si vous louez une voiture à; l'étranger, n'oubliez pas de prendre des pares soleil (à ventouses) et un rétroviseur central supplémentaire (pour garder l'œil sur vos enfants)
* Contrôlez que vous aurez bien les sièges de bébé ou réhausseurs que vous souhaitez .. En grèce, il nous est arrivé de nous voir louer un véhicule, paré d'un siège enfant qui datait de matusalem, question sécurité, pas génial!.
* Prenez votre permis de conduire.
* Visionnez votre trajet (, ajoutez ensuite le temps nécessaire au pauses pique-niques, cafés et pipi.. Pensez aussi aux aléas, agacement des enfants, nausées..
* Vous pouvez prévoir de voyager de nuit. Un gros coussin calera votre enfant sur son réhausseur, bébé rêvera dans son siège, et vous pourrez relayer votre conjoint ou dormir. Aucun caprice en vue.
* CONSEIL, Le KIT utile à bord : - Serviettes de cuisine, chiffons, sacs plastique, kit pharmacie..

Petite astuce KiDOOkiD! Pour la pause pipi inopportune, prenez une bouteille en plastique, elle s'avérera bien utile lors de long trajet, lorsque l'envie se fait pressante et que la prochaine aire de repos est encore trop loin. Une alternative au "Tomee Tipee" (Nous l'avons testé.. Essayez), hyper utile, davantage pour les enfants en bas âges.

Des jeux sympas pour divertir tout le monde :

* On commence par A, puis on continue selon l'alphabet. Par des questions, les autres doivent deviner à quel animal le premier à pensé. Vol-t-il? est-il poilu?.. etc. Celui qui trouve prend la relève.
* Plus compliqué, celui de trouver une liste d'éléments définis. Exemple : caravane blanche = 1 point / voiture rouge = 2 points / motard = 3 points / cycliste = 4 points .. Le premier qui atteint 20 points à gagné. En plus d'être à l'affût, les enfants réviseront leurs maths..
* Il y a aussi le jeu des mots associés. A tour de rôle, chacun doit dire un mot qui s'associe à; celui dit par le précédent. Par exemple, la première personne dit la pomme, la seconde la banane, la troisième le singe, etc....
* Vous pouvez compliquer le jeu, en ayant pour but de revenir au premier mot en moins d'une minute..
* Amusant aussi celui du quizz dirigé. Vous vous posez des questions à; tour de rôle, et la réponse doit obligatoirement contenir un mot défini, par exemple "saucisse". Dirigez au mieux vos questions, le but étant de faire rire ou sourire celui qui y répond.. il sera éliminé.
* Vous pouvez aussi utiliser les panneaux publicitaires, en chasse pour des éléments définis. Par exemple dénombrer les membres humains vus et voyez combien de temps cela vous prend de récolter 5 têtes, 10 bras et 20 jambes..
* Ou encore jouez avec les plaques d'immatriculation : prenez une plaque et les 3 premières lettres de son numéro.. La première lettre est l'initiale du nom de la personne, la seconde d'où ils viennent, et la troisième leur métier.. On a essayé, c'est amusant.
* Enfin, pensez aux Gameboys, au walkman, aux livres parlants.. etc.